Sunday , January 26th 2020
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How To Choose The Best Subwoofer For Your Home

If you are shopping for a home subwoofer to take your home entertainment system to the next level it is important to do your research to make the best investment.  Finding the best subwoofer involves more than looking at the price.  Wise consumers will need to delve deeper and understand which features are most important and which features should be avoided.  With the growing popularity of online retail, consumers from around the world are leaving their two cents by posting product reviews on items they currently own.  Find the best subwoofer by relying on honest consumer reviews and product features.


The loudness factor is a very important one.  The primary purpose of investing in a sub is to add bass and volume to your favorite movies, video games, and music.  If you choose a sub that is too loud or not loud enough, you could affect your home listening pleasure.  Loudness is affected by three different factors of a subwoofer-  the enclosure or casing, the subwoofer’s sensitivity to audio input and output, and how much power the box can deliver.  If all three specifications are satisfactory, you will have a satisfactory sound.  The best subwoofer using quality casing with an ample amount of power for the size of the system.  The size of your room will play a huge role in the size of the sub you need to invest in.  For small rooms, consumers should invest in a subwoofer with a high level of sensitivity and a lower level of power.  For larger rooms, go for more power with a decreased level of sensitivity and a casing that will distribute sound evenly.  The general rule of thumb is the larger the subwoofer the more power it has.

Bass Tones

A number of different types of music will travel through your speakers and your sub on any given day.  To ensure all the bass tones sound right you will need to invest in a subwoofer with reduced frequencies and a quality casing.  The best subwoofer with come in a sealed box for a great range of bass tones.  You will also need to consider the subwoofers wattage when you are comparing subs.  Generally speaking, subwoofers with higher wattage can deliver higher bass tones for a wider range of music.

Cone Material

The material used to manufacture the subwoofer’s cone is also important.  Some subs use synthetic or composite materials and others use paper.  Paper is the best quality because it responds more quickly to the frequencies traveling through the woofer.  You will find that subwoofers with a paper cone are more expensive than the others depending on the subwoofer brand.  Make sure to choose a manufacturer that is respected in the industry.

Before you use these features to guide your purchase you should turn to consumer reviews to see what other consumers have to say about the product that has topped your list.  Consumers who have invested in a powered sub based on its features can sway your decision.  Understand the features to look for and trust other consumers to make the best investment for your home.