Friday , July 10th 2020
    Sound That Penetrates

Choosing The Very Best Subwoofer Systems

High definition, high-resolution images are at the heart of a great movie viewing experience. The experience is made much more satisfying though by a great soundtrack delivered by a superior sound system with clear crisp highs and a rich, deep, bass. This rich, deep, bass sound, which can only be delivered by some of the best subwoofer brands, is critical for creating a sense of drama, suspense and majesty demanded by the film’s storyline. It provides a good balance to the rest of the movie score and brings character to the movie soundtrack.

The regular speakers of a home theatre sound system are usually not able to deliver really low tones, hence the need for separate home subwoofer units. While most home theatre sets would these included as part of the package, audio enthusiasts insist that the only way to get the best subwoofer units would be to purchase them separately to get the best possible combination of power, size, and frequency.

Passive vs. Powered Systems

The first thing to remember when checking out different subwoofer brand names is to make sure that they are powered systems instead of passive ones. This is important because a powered subwoofer is designed with a built-in amplifier and its own power supply while a passive system relies on the amplifier of the home theatre system itself. The built-in amplifier is what provides extra boost and power so that the sound produced is much louder and much larger.

Size and Frequency Options

Powered subs range from a minimum of 75 watts to a maximum of about 600 watts. When choosing the best subwoofer system, keep in mind that the differences in wattage do not only represent volume potential but a range of different tones and depths when combined with variable sizes. Choosing a size is dependent on the size of the room where the unit will be used. Large rooms would require larger units such as 12-inch or 15-inch ones. Keep in mind though that bigger is not always better in this case since an inappropriately large unit would overpower the rest of the sound system.

Lastly, a good home subwoofer system should come with varying options in crossover frequency to allow the user to select how much of the bass should be handled by the sub. Be on the lookout for a system with a crossover frequency of about 100 hertz.

Best Value Brands

Some of the very best subwoofer brands that provide good value for the price include Yamaha, Polk Audio, Onkyo and BIC America. Polk Audio, in particular, has two great models, the 12-inch PSW505 Powered Sub, which offers 300 watts of power, is great for most large spaces and the 10-inch, 100-watt PSW10 Powered Sub Monitor Series, which works for smaller spaces. Different users have different needs though so the most useful thing really would be to check out user reviews for various brands and systems used for a variety of purposes and in different sized and differently located rooms. This is the best way to ensure that the best subwoofer system you settle on will fit your needs perfectly.