Wednesday , November 20th 2019
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How To Choose The Best Subwoofer For Your Home

If you are shopping for a home subwoofer to take your home entertainment system to the next level it is important to do your research to make the best investment.  Finding the best subwoofer involves more than looking at the price.  Wise consumers w... Read more

Finding the Best Subwoofer

When you are designing your home theater system, you will need to integrate the best subwoofer for the optimum listening experience. However, you can go crazy trying to determine which subwoofer is the best subwoofer. This article will outline a few tips for you to use wh... Read more

Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer

Klipsch R-120SW

Injection molded graphite (imp) woofers are exceptionally light while being extremely rigid - providing remarkable low frequency response, with…

Price: 355.25
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Klipsch R-115SW Subwoofer

Klipsch R-115SW

R-115SW subwoofer is the perfect combination of power, sophisticated and heart-pounding bass. Packing a serious punch, the R-115SW will…

Price: 699
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